Friday, December 12, 2008

Work Uniform

This is what I wore at work today.

Amazing suede tassle sandles - I like to pretend I'm Pochahontas when I wear them.

It's my party

It was my birthday last weekend. This is what I wore:

I bought this amazing Betsey Johnson dress from her SS 08 collection (the one with all the prom dresses - my absolute favourite!) online and teamed it with...

These absolutely amazing black patent wedges with velvet bows!! I searched everywhere for the perfect birthday shoe and found these in a teensy boutique in Chinatown (Chinatown shops are total goldmines!). They were the last pair and exactly my size! I would say that = FATE. And love at first sight.

My BFF Emily and I getting our photo taken prom-stylez on the staircase. Note Emily's UNREAL red jacket, complete with leg-o-mutton sleeves.

There is a mysterious yet amazing giant red bow painted on a building near my house. Perfect for posing in front of.

Monday, December 8, 2008


My housemates and I like to try and out-gross eachother with nasty internet finds. Today Fergus sent me this AMAZING (and terrifying) website: Tacky Weddings. As I was reading it I realised that rather than being completely disturbed by what I was seeing (granted most of it is very disturbing), I was actually totally into some of the giant frou frou dresses, fairytale reenactments (chav style), absurdly embellished bridewear and off-the-richter cakes. Now I want to get married. But only if it involves a crocheted cocoon.

So wrong it's right:

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I Heart Miss Van

Miss Van is a French graffiti artist who began painting in Toulouse and gained worldwide acclaim for her whimsical doe-eyed girls and their playroom outfits and shiny candy pouts. I'd love to own one of her prints one day. xo

All pictures from Google Image Search.

I just thought you should know...

...that my hair reached all new levels of huge this evening. It must be summer.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Blatant name drop

I totally forgot to write about this when I found out AAAAGES ago.

***Katy Perry wears Heartbreaker!!***

Lol! That's right, I found out she bought a Tutti Frutti charm bracelet from my Etsy shop a last year, and after some Nancy Drew-style internet detective work I found evidence!!

My bracelet:

As seen in my Etsy shop here.

The bracelet in action on numerous occasions:

I wouldn't usually crap on about famous people, but since this is my only known celebrity purchase, and an unexpected surprise..I just had to mention it.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Welcome to my new blog!!

Hey everyone!!

Welcome to my brand new blog! I switched to Blogger so it would be easier for me - a total internet dummy - to maintain. There are lots of exciting new things in my new blog that my old blog didn't have, such as little pictures of things I like, more organised links, and the best thing of all (which I couldn't get to work on my old blog) - COMMENTS! I never know if anyone is reading this so if you are, now is your chance to say hi and tell me what you think!! I look forward to hearing from you! As you can see I have redirected my old blog address to my new blog, so you can still find me by typing in HURRAH!
I can't wait to start blogging again.



Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Birthday/Christmas Wish List

Since it’s my birthday in 2 weeks and almost Christmas I thought I would post my latest wish list of ultimate gifts, just in case you want to buy me a present… hehe

Matina Amanita Globetrotter Chrysler Building ring.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette

Disney Couture Princess Wrap Bracelet

Influence by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Marshmallow Body Butter

Miss Macaron Blythe mini doll.

Dior Pure Poison Eau de Toilette.

Rings by Diana Scarisbrick

Ralph Lauren Hot Eau de Toilette

Romance Was Born Yin Yang playsuit

Mimco leather Satellite bag

Squeek Heels by Top Shop

Melissa Ultra Wedges

I hope someone takes a liking to me and buys me ALL these things. That would be lovely. XOXO


A post from November 2008.

Hello everyone,

I’m sorry for not blogging for a long time…I have been trying to revamp the look of my blog and enable comments on all my posts but have been having trouble because I’m really not good in any way at any sort of html codingz or the inner workings of wordpress templates. Therefore, I have decided to transfer my blog to a Blogger address, to make life much more easy for me, and allow anyone who wants to comment on my ramblings. I cant really figure out how to easily transfer all my blog posts from this blog to my new blog - I think it’s impossible - so am doing it manually (this is going to take FOREVZ) - so will try and do it all as soon as possible and then get back to posting amazing stuff about everything!!

I am hoping to keep the same web address as this page…but am still trying to work out how to do that too, so please stay tuned!! I really can’t wait to get back into writing about all my fashion adventures.


What dreams are made of

A post from September 2008.

London Fashion Week is blowing my mind. I’m so excited I just spent 4 hours on Polyvore creating this collage when I was meant to be working. It is now almost lunchtime and just as well because the saccharine shades and marshmallow shapes of PPQ’s SS09 collection are making me oh-so-hungry. I am frothing at the oversized and playful silhouettes, macaroon chocolate box colours, chunky heels and gigantor accessories. I am in a sweet-tooth swoon. I think I might faint.

P.S. Polyvore does NOT satisfy my collaging needs in any way, so if you want to see just how good these fashions really are:

Click here to indulge your candy craving and view the entire PPQ SS09 Collection


I’m pretty into Poupee Girl at the moment. It keeps distracting me from real life things, such as my job, and cleaning my room. I’ve only just started so I haven’t got that many amazing outfits yet but here’s my lil’ doll. You can click on the birdy to see other outfits I’ve made.

poupeegirl fashion brand community


A post from September 2008.

After almost a year of searching everywhere for my size, these floral Doc Martens - ie: my ULTIMATE shoe - are now MINE! Thank you eBay!

Young Hearts

A post from September 2008.

Sophomore is Chrissie Miller and Madeleine von Froomer. Super soft simple basics - tees, leggings, sweaters, dresses, and jackets. 1970s New York style. Classic summer favourites for lazy sun-drenched afternoons out with your BFFs.

All pictures from Google image search. xo