Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bargain Bonanza!!

A post from December 2007.

I’m in Melbourne for the Christmas holidays, visiting my Mum and Dad. Melbourne has lots of unreal thrift shops and markets. I have yet to find equals in Sydney. Yesterday was the most ultimate day of bargains that I have ever had. I can’t even describe to you how it was, you just have to see the pictures, it was UNBELIEVABLE.

Check out the horde of ribbon I got, all for only $3.99!! Also, some cutsey bow barrettes. I’m going to embellish the gingham ones for Etsy.

I have started to be obsessed with 90s fashion, and have been watching a lot of midday movies and 90210. I found some totally amazing 90s patterns! Also, this TOTALLY UNREAL 80s vase!! I can’t wait to fill it with slutty red roses and pretend I’m in a Danielle Steele novel!

These bright ice-cream bowls will be perfect for my market display, and/or summer ice cream partiez!! I’ve already used the yellow one in an Etsy photo for my plush cake necklace.

I found these snazzy 80s earrings in the $1 basket at the Salvation Army near my parents’ house. They’re amazing! I especially love the neon Africana ones, can’t wait to wear them with my……

90210 Twin Set Ensemble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just can’t get over this find! It’s hard to see the amazing detailing in the photo, but basically it’s all white denim, with lace inserts everywhere, and matching lace strap things that go across the shoulders of the batwing jacket, like on a military jacket. The skirt is really high waisted, with a kind of V-shaped waistline. I LOVE IT!

These bargainz were great and all…BUT…the absolute hit of the day in my opinion occured when Mum took me to a fabric clearance warehouse where I found probably enough lace trims to last me for…THE REST OF MY LIFE! That, plus various remnants of amazing “dance” fabric, and a few zips…all for…$42.00!!!!!!!!!!!! I can seriously say that was the biggest bargain I have ever got on anything, ever.

Dance Fabrics!! Usually really expensive, yesterday, dirt cheap! Theres a pastelly purple and cream shimmer fabric (like something out of Xanadu), some purple seafoam hologram fabric, and some silver and blue hologram fabric with hearts printed on it that you can only see when you turn the fabric a certain way!

I am CONSTANTLY struggling with having enough trims to embellish my warez to the absolute extent of my dreams. I will never have that problem again! The spools of trimminz are HUGE and were only $5 each! There are full cards of lace, in all sorts of pastel colours, ($2 each) and grab bags of miscellaneous bits and pieces ($1 each!). I CANNOT get over how amazing it all is. And there’s heaps more left at the warehouse! It was like a dream!!!

Christmas totes came early this year! xoxo