Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Breakin' Hearts

A post from May 2008.

I have spent the last two weeks in a deranged pastel frenzy of last-minute preparations for the Autumn Hope Street Markets. Die hard fans of this blog will remember that I did the Hope Street Markets last year and it was super fun. Here’s what happened this year.

My stall is looking more and more like an 8 year old’s bedroom every time. Especially proud of the plushie bunnies - thinking of starting a collection..

Yay 80s shapes.

Bauble charm bracelets and my new flyers!

This is my Barbie Head, Kelly. She’s so pretty. P.S. omg woodgrain.

Earrings: I especially like the mismatched ones, probs my favourite thing I made for these markets.


Check out the hot 80s boom box I bought for $5 at the St. Ninians Church fete in Canberra. Also note my favourite prop, the Barbie Cruise Ship (complete with fog horn noise!)

Crop tops, 80s ruffle skirts, oversized tunics, and more!

I made some new friends, Michelle and Alana from Raspberry Beret. They look exactly like me. Here we are right after our Lindsay Lohan Parent Trap moment where we discovered we were related. I am wearing a heart stuck to my forehead to distinguish me from the others.

Totes identical.

Michelle Irani: Covergirl. Here she is reppin’ my wares like only an exotique twin can.

Sorry!!These photos are so yellow. My camera is totes not makin’ the grade and my computer is so old there is no room for Photoshop! Bummer.