Wednesday, November 26, 2008


A post from November 2008.

Hello everyone,

I’m sorry for not blogging for a long time…I have been trying to revamp the look of my blog and enable comments on all my posts but have been having trouble because I’m really not good in any way at any sort of html codingz or the inner workings of wordpress templates. Therefore, I have decided to transfer my blog to a Blogger address, to make life much more easy for me, and allow anyone who wants to comment on my ramblings. I cant really figure out how to easily transfer all my blog posts from this blog to my new blog - I think it’s impossible - so am doing it manually (this is going to take FOREVZ) - so will try and do it all as soon as possible and then get back to posting amazing stuff about everything!!

I am hoping to keep the same web address as this page…but am still trying to work out how to do that too, so please stay tuned!! I really can’t wait to get back into writing about all my fashion adventures.