Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Collecting ideas for projects coming up

A post from January 2008.

This photo, taken from one of my favourite magazines Russh (the other is Oyster), completely illustrates the mood and look of what I’m currently making or wearing! Super summer casual, 80s and 90s with ultra girly details here and there, and white sneakers! Nic and I are totes repre$enting white this summer, with white sand shoes, white hot mini skirts, white nailpolish, and white singlets. I came across this photo when I was flipping through my old Russh issues for ideas and was blown away since a lot of the pieces in it are similar to things I’m currently working on for Heartbreaker or sporting as my summer wardrobe!

I’m back in Sydney now after a 6 day “holiday” at my parents’ house in Melbourne. Bringing the horde of bargainz back with me was extreme to say the least! I had a whole extra suitcase and about 10 million pieces of hand luggage, BUT, I’m back now, it’s all okay. I’m also back at work, which is strange. It’s not like the days of yore when Christmas Break used to strech forever and there was nothing to do but have sleepoverz and glue gun parties. The real world is hard.

Anyway this is my first proper weekend back with nothing to do but CRAFT! I’m so excited, because I have sooo many projects that I want to get started on. I’m finally getting my overlocker/serger fixed on Friday so I can soon begin pumping out the most amazing collection of bodysuits and leotards that the world has ever seen! They’re going to be glittery and sparkly, with bouffy sleeves, embellishments, yokes, big floppy bows…you name it!
I can also begin making some embellished socks, something I’ve been wanting to work on for months, after daydreaming about outfits I had as a child. They always seemed to include frilly socks. I’ve been sporting a sample pair I made to all my band’s shows lately, with white sneakers (just like in the photo!) Both the leotards and socks will be so grand for both summer AND winter.
There’s heaps more stuff I want to work on, so I’m really looking forward to this weekend. I was in a bit of a slump inspiration wise last month, but am back “on the wagon” now, as they say.

I thought I’d collect some images and looks I’ve been really inspired by lately and put them all in this post:

I have been obsessed with Molly Ringwald this last week. I don’t know why, I mean I always was, but this week I’ve been trawling through photos of her in 80s films and getting heaps of ideas for outfits. I think Richard Nicholl, one of my fav designers was really inspired by 80s teen girl looks as well in his ss07 range. I absoutely love him. He is the best.

Like I said, THE BEST.

I know this isn’t the most attractive picture, but this is Angela Lansbury in Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile. She is exactly who I think of every time I mention “eccentric aunts’ jewelry boxes” in my Etsy descriptions. This is the most amazing outfit ever.

My rap group S.Y.L.K have been dressing more and more 90s glam lately. We started off wearing heaps of bright prints and metallics, but I am really loving our new look! It reminds me of bands like L’Trimm, whose outfits I find completely unreal!

Desperately Seeking Susan is one of my favourite films. When I watched it for the first time I constantly rewound the dvd to get a closer look at the heaped accessories worn in it, like meters of gold chain, pearl baubles, huge wooden tiger print earrings, many watches worn at once, skulls, and heaps of lace. I love textured outfits, like leather jackets with lace inserts and pointless but amazing things like fake hankerchiefs poking out of pockets.

I’m going to be tie dying this weekend..if you can believe it. I usually would have shuddered at the thought, but I like the idea of wearing old oversized tie dyed shirts as dresses, with huge messy hair, raybans, and tiny denim waistcoats. I’m going to try making my shift dress pattern with tie dyed fabric. I also love Bat for Lashes, and all the headpieces she wears, looking like she came straight out of a 70s music festival.

Finally, Stevie Nicks, probably my most ultimate idol ever. She is AMAZING! Her look during the 70s and 80s just blew my mind. She is like the human version of a Sara Moon painting and is probably who every Mills & Boon book cover illustrator during the 70s and 80s modeled their leading ladies on.