Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Date with Radge

A post from December 2007.

I’m excited to post the second in my series of scintillating Heartbreaker interviews. This time we delve into the mysterious world of official Heartbreaker photographer Radge, (also known by many as Nic, Phong, Kon Ding, and on his passport - Vissukamma Ratsaphong). This multi-faceted dreamboat is also a dj, graphic designer, club night organiser, producer, and loving boyfriend (to me). Join us… on a Date with Radge.

HB: Radge, please explain who you are and what you do (feel free to use as many adjectives as you like!)
R: I am a dude that loves music and movies. Actually I am pretty much a nerd in both categories.
HB: Tell us a bit more about you, what do you like photographing? Current DJ projects? You are very famous. Where would someone go to see some of your photos?
I like photographing people spontaneously, I don’t like it when it’s posed. I also like quirky landscapes and nostalgia. As for my djing me and my brother are starting a new club night called Kon Ding where we play amazing music that was made in another time when it was more about the glitz and glamour rather than drugs and drama. Also, my new mix will be featured as a Halloween podcast on Modular Records.(Note: Radge’s brother is actually his brother from another mother, renowned Sydney dj Spruce Lee. They look exactly the same which often confused people. You can download Radge’s Halloween mix at the Modular Blog)
HB: What about your personal style? You have a very sassy collection of T-shirts and a daring penchance for short shorts. What is your favourite item of clothing? Do you have any - how do you say - “style icons”?
R: You know, I really don’t actually have a favourite item of clothing. I do like my short shorts though, mainly for their practicality. I also like singlets for the same reason. I don’t really have a style icon either, I guess I like the way kids dressed in the 90s but that’s as far as I can go.

HB: You have extremely good music taste, any favourites? If you had to make a soundtrack to go with a Heartbreaker photoshoot, what would you include in your playlist?
R: Lately I have been really feeling SSQ/Stacey Q and I absolutely think that they’d be one of the best bands to play live at a Heartbreaker photoshoot. In fact I don’t think anyone could compare in the compatibility stakes with Heartbreaker. (Note: He is so loyal, swoon)
HB: You have many aliases which leads me to view you with an air of mystery. What is something that not many people know about you?
R: I get emotional when watching Australian Idol and So You Think You Can Dance.
HB: Do you have any advice for budding photographers and/or djs?
R: Never take part in fads, just be passionate about what you love.


HB: Favourite Food?
R: Home Cooking
HB: Best place for a first date?
R: Anywhere that I am djing
HB: Favourite Heartbreaker item?
R: Hologram Balloon Bag
HB: Current must-have?
R: Bicycle
HB: Dos and Don’ts in the world of photography?
R: Excessive over posing (Note: Do AND Don’t?!?!>
HB: What are you wearing right now?

You can find Radge at:

Illustrating this interview are posters designed by Radge for the club nights he puts on, Kon Ding and Manshandies.