Wednesday, November 19, 2008


A post from January 2008.

I’ve neglected the blog a bit lately but have been making heaps of new things and posting as regularly as I can. I think once I’ve organised my time between making stuff and all the other “real world” tasks, I can get into quite a good rhythm with keeping Etsy updated, and working on new projects, like market goods.

I’ve also just set up a Facebook company page for Heartbreaker, which is great because people can subscribe to it to keep updated, and I can link these blog entries directly onto it so they show up whenever I write something new. If you want to subscribe to this page, or just be my friend, you can look me up as “Kitiya Palaskas” or “Heartbreaker”.

New Stuff I’ve been making:

Polkadot Party Dress - reconstructed from a daggy 80s skirt

Molly Ringwald Barrettes - sweet little barrettes with 80s embellishments

Hama Bead treats - found a gigantor box of Hama beads at a thrift store over Xmas so got to work making some cute accessories with them

Candy Heart Tote Bag - based my Candy Heart Dress, a hand made tote bag with inner pocket and felt applique

Slumber Party Nightie Set - a totally cute nightie and matching eye pillow

Classy Mini Skirt - a high waisted 90s style mini skirt with yoke

Sweet Shift Dress with Brooches - a babydoll dress made from fabric I dyed myself! Comes with 3 cute brooches.

Powder Puff Socks - the 2nd pair of embellished socks I’ve made lately

Lemon Meringue Kitten Pillow - branching into heart shaped kitten pillows, super cute!