Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I do.

A couple of weekends ago I went to this party - Gay Bash. I had never been before and this one was the last one EVER, and I can’t believe I’d never gone before since its always a costume party with a different theme and costume parties are my favourite. Anyway, this theme was “Mourning” AKA putting the fun back in funeral AKA sort of halloween themed.

My friends Ida, Emily and I went as zombie brides (something I’ve always wanted to go as to a costume party but never have). At first Ida and I had this grand plan to buy some trashy 80s wedding gowns from a thrift store and deconstruct them to our hearts’ delight, but got a nasty surprise at the thrift store when we found out that they were all priced at $80 and above (including ripped ones - wtf?!?!?) Instead we bought a heap of old lace curtains and went all out with our costumes! We worked on them for 2 days straight, staying up until 5am, and made them entirely from scratch!!!! Not only that, but I also made Nic the ULTIMATE costume, probably the best costume I have ever made in my whole entire life! I think we were the most amazingly dressed people at this party, if I do say so myself.

We constructed these huge, bouffy wedding dresses from scratch out of old curtains, featuring garters, headstone hair pieces, and cockroach embellishments!!!!! Zomg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ic was wearing A COFFIN! I am SO proud of this. It was a coffin that you wear as a back pack, complete with velour pillow, white funeral lillies and a matching condolence card with the chorus to ‘Candle In The Wind’ written inside!!!! ULTIMATE!!!!!!!!! there will never be another costume as amazing as this, but guess what, at the end of the night I left it behind the dj booth in the club and now it's gone forever. Devastated.

It is unbelievable how truly un-dead I look in this picture. I love how we’re posing by the trash, in true zombie fashion.

They look like little creepy dolls! Especially posing with Jonothan.

Headstone Headpieces - must have this season.