Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I moved house

A post from July 2008.

Hey everyone!

Sorry for being completely AWOL from the intrawebz lately. I have been going through a variety of stressful, life-changing events which have all culminated in me moving out of my little flat into a new place! I am now living in the city in a super cute terrace house. The stress of everything that’s been going on, plus moving on top of it all have meant that I haven’t been able to do ANYTHING related to making and designing, this blog, my online shop, or anything creative really. I am feeling totally desperate about getting back into it and dishing out more delectable Heartbreaker treats for everyone to enjoy!

Here are some things I plan to work on as soon as my new room is unpacked:

* Totally pimpin’ out my new online shop, and looking into trying to make Etsy work for me more (do you guys think this is a good idea, or should I not bother?)
* Working on a bunch of designs for super cute clothes I’ve had up my sleeve for awhile
* Changing the look of Heartbreaker slightly to make it more amazing than ever before
* Gettin’ all up in the intrawebz in terms of my Facebook fan page, Myspace page, and other things
* Finding more markets to sell at
* Working on getting some boutique stockists
* Making a look book
* Working on collaborative projects with some other creative friends of mine
* More blogging! Esp hot outfit photos and some new interviews
* Craft Club!!

I hope you are all still interested in my blog and Heartbreaker in general, and that you’ll keep checking back for new projects because I will be working on them very soon!