Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm Your Present is the Next Big Thing!

A post from July 2008.

My gorgeous BFF Kelly, creator and designer of THE best fashion label ever, I’M YOUR PRESENT was selected as a finalist for this year’s Fred Flare Next Big Thing competition!!

I am SO proud of Kelly, she has always been so amazingly creative, and everything she makes just blows me away! She is always creating THE most precious treats that are so visually appealing, unique, and superbly well made. She has been so successful in what she does, and is constantly such an inspiration for me, a total role model for what I eventually hope to achieve with Heartbreaker.

This is the I’m Your Present playsuit for sale now on Fred Flare. It is totally illustrative of the playful, cute, sexy, and fun qualities I see when I look at Kelly’s shop and all her amazing wares. It reminds me of outfits I wore as a little girl, and also of bubblegum, soft serve ice creams and Disneyland.