Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jessie Hill!

A post from May 2008.

Amazing Jessie Hill clothes I got for free thanks to Radge and his work on her runway show! I got to choose what I wanted from the lookbook and she ended up giving me everything I wanted! I am so lucky!

Winter Warm Dress (worn underneath the beaded moon dress here) - a lightweight, supersoft striped jersey dress (great for layering!)

White Ice Booties - These are simply wonderful! They are the nicest shoes I have ever owned! I never imagined there would ever be a possibility to get them as they were too precious! The booties are super super super super soft, and delicate and comfy. I love them!!!

I tried to get the photo of this from the lookbook to illustrate the magnamity of how amazing it is, but could only access these photos. This is: The Kate Bush Suit. It is: OFF THE CHAIN. It is this HUGE black jersey mumu/sack type dress/suit with leg holes at the very bottom of the suit. It is HEAVY because it is bejewelled with sequined moons on the front and back. It is the most beautiful and ridiculous garment I have ever owned. I CAN’T WAIT to wear it and live out my very own Kate Bush music video moment!!

I can’t get over these presents, and that fact that I am SO LUCKY Radge is pretty much the best ever.

Please Note: I found the Jessie Hill images on Google image search. They are the property of the websites they are from. xoxo