Wednesday, November 19, 2008


A post from April 2008.


Today I was talking to my friend Irina on Facebook and she mentioned that she bought a huge teddy bear from one of my favourite thrift shops, Tempe Salvation Army, and was going to give him up for adoption because there was no room in her house.
“No!” I cried, “I’ll take him!”
So at 6pm she dropped him off and all of a sudden I was the owner of a GIGANTIC TEDDY BEAR NAMED JONOTHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He is seriously huge…get ready to be amazed:

Me and Jonothan just hangin’ out..sorry my pictures are grainy, my camera isn’t good in the dark from a distance.

Bear Love

Super excited!! I think I am going to make him a gigantic pastel bowtie!!!! He is the best!!!