Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Late night craft times

A post from August 2008.

Last night I made this top to wear to my friend Freya’s 21st birthday dinner which I’m going to tonight. I based it on the bodice of the zombie bride dresses my friends and I made for a costume party once. I love how it turned out!! It’s made from a textured striped cotton (cut from an 80s dress).It has a small triangle cut out at the back as well, with two criss-crossed straps. It felt so good to be making something again after a long transition period where I didn’t have time or energy for anything creative. I’m working on a lot of new designs for Heartbreaker so maybe you’ll see more of these tops in the very near future!!

P.S. I just have to say, I am totally loving my new laptop especially the Photobooth aspect. Technology blows my mind. Lol!