Wednesday, November 26, 2008


A post from July 2008.

I went to Melbourne last week for a little holiday with my friends Ida, Phil, and Tim. It was super fun!
Were spent in the ‘burbs visiting my parents, raiding thrift stores and markets, and eating homemade cookies non-stop.

1.5 hours into our trip when we were braving the freezing Camberwell Markets, Ida and I saw these unbelievable Sara Moon prints and were just like OMG WE MUST OWN THEM. We both LOVE Sara Moon!!! The lady was like: $10 each. We were like: LET’S GET ‘EM. We took them to the car and when we were shoving them in the boot the evil curly haired one sliced Idas hand open and she started gushing blood! We raced about dripping blood everywhere trying to find first aid and after being rejected by one clinic we barged into another where we were graciously recieved, and she eventually got some stitches.

The scene of the crime

We went to the Dandenong Savers - best Savers ever in my opinion.

I bought so many amazing clothes and trinkets from various small thrift shops here and there, highlights included:

Gorgeous white leather vintage sandals with wood wedges.

The following 7’s: Listen To Your Heart by Roxette, Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean, Heaven Is a Place on Earth by Belinda Carlisle, I Can’t Go For That by Hall and Oates, and Africa by Toto

These beautiful swan vases which tragically broke in the bag on the way home, but were painstakingly glued back together by my awesome dad - THANKS DAD! (as seen in the photos - must get black paint touch up paint asap.)