Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My new room

A post from August 2008.

Birthday Party Barbie I bought in the box for $25 at Camberwell Markets in Melbourne, and cupcake plushies by Im Your Present

Princess Bed and amazing 80s Pierrot print (my housemate Rosie has the exact same one!)

Ida and I FINALLY got our act together and chose which Sara Moon print we wanted. I got Jennifer, she totally matches my baby blue wardrobes.

Porcelain kitty bought for $1 at a school fete in Canberra (the woman wanted to give him to me for free but I INSISTED!)

Cookie scented candle and trinkets on my dresser.

These photos are pretty mystical looking, which could be cool, but could also be because I am operating sans Photoshop and sans proper camera, so everything’s a bit off…hopefully all this will be remedied soon. xoxo