Wednesday, November 19, 2008

On The Street

A post from April 2008.

I have been reading a lot of fashion blogs lately. I really like seeing what people choose to wear in their every day lives. I often contemplated documenting particularly favourite outfits of my own in this blog but always forget to and remember too late, when the day is over and I’m not wearing it anymore. If anything it will be a good way for me to remember specific outifit combinations so that I can wear them again and again!

Though, that being said, I don’t really tend to wear the same exact thing twice, I always try and mix it up with other pieces. I have this annoying thing where I MUST have new party clothes for every single occasion when I go out, so either buy something new especially for the occasion, or make something really fast 20 minutes before I am due to go out. I like this because it makes the night extra special if you have something new and unique to wear. But it means that I have way too many clothes. But oh well!

Here are a few snapshots of some favourite outfits that I've come up with:

This is one of my favourite jackets! It is a slightly batwinged 80s blazer with shoulder pads and an amazing faux leopard fur caplet. I am wearing it with a cream vintage slip top with shimmery stripes, my favourite high waisted mini skirt (it gets so much use) and a bauble ‘n bling chain. My fringe looks really hot in this photo.

"Oops, how did this get in here?" So, I may be slightly drunk but this is an awesome mumu-esque dress which started off as a drop-waisted 80s smock. I raised the hem to give it a babydoll style and used the excess fabric to make a huge detachable bow. I like how I am camoflauging.

This is me in costume right before S.Y.L.K show. I totally loved this outfit, it was SO baby-sitters club meets Girlfriend (90s Australian all-girl pop band). The overshirt had a long fabric band that you could wrap around and tie, and I was wearing a black and 90s print contrasting leotard underneath with super high waisted light denim shorts and gold sequined sneakers.

This is an image taken for Oyster Magazine, who asked me to be in their style section a while ago. I am wearing high waisted denim shorts with one of my favourite striped crop tops, an oversized faded boyfriend shirt and one of my Dreamboat Necklaces. I am holding a bag made by my BFF Imyourpresent. Check out my ‘fashion’ facial expression! I researched on Facehunter for days!!

Here I am at the Laneway Festival, wearing my high waisted mini again, and this awesome Jimmy Barnes top that Nic found in a thrift store (on the back it says in huge red letters: “Make It Last All Night Tour”..rad!) and a pair of gigantic 80s earrings I found on a recent Melbourne trip. I am also wearing my favourite pair of sunglasses with crackle paint detail.

And finally, this is probably my favourite outfit that I have come up with ever!!! This was taken at a recent and utterly amazing wedding I went to, my second wedding ever! I am crushed that out of the whole wedding there are only 2 photos of me, and none where you can see my entire ensemble! I was wearing a yellow 80s sundress with black patent belt, black tights and 80s black patent pumps, an oversized candy pink blazer with pearly pink/gold button, frou frou lace gloves ($14.99 at David Jones - OMG score!!!) a giant heart shaped diamond ring and smaller but equally as amazing pearl bauble ring, mis-matched 80s-inspired lighting/heart/pearl earrings (new Heartbreaker product!) and the most amazing 90s felt hat with velvet band!!!!!! May I also note that Ezzy is wearing an amazing Ksubi denim bubble dress and hot lipstick.