Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Playdate with Lou

A post from March 2008.

I am so excited to introduce you to Lou, owner extraordinaire of my favourite Sydney fashion wonderland, Capital-L. She’s sassy, she’s saucy, and she’s got pizzazz! I did this interview ages ago, and there are so many better and more exotic questions I now want to ask her, but for now, here’s a sneak peak into Lou’s boutique…

HB: Hello! Please introduce yourself and your totes rad shop for those of us, and our friends across the seas who may not know you:
L: My name’s Louise Michelle Iselin and I am lucky enough to live on the corner of creation, well the corner of South Dowling St and Taylor St Darlinghurst too, Sydney that is, Australia!
We have a bunch of lovely friends who sell their clothes in our shop:
Lover, Karen Walker, Shakuhachi, Mala Brajkovic, Jessie Hill, Marnie Skillings, Michelle Robinson, MyPetSquare, Something Else, ChipChop, Azzollini, Life with Bird, Jemma Jube lingerie, Schwipe, Friedrich Gray, Flux, Saint Augustine Academy, Mjolk, Peter Schmidt shoes. Jewels by Elke Kramer, Matt Weston, Toby Jones and tatty devine. Sunnies by Karen Walker, AM eyewear and vintage medieval disco.
Plus our very own.. exclusive to capital-l.. in-house label PleaseLouise!
Exciting and new this season: Ellery, Mala Brajkovic, Family, Okay and Dr Denim.
And other lovely peeps who help us by painting our shop, working their and playing music at our parties (see mention of all our besties on our myspace).

HB: Capital L has hot window displays and decorations! I can totes imagine you creating them in a Mannequin-esque movie montage. What do you think makes a good window display?
L: Colour and quirkiness. And monkeys.
HB: Owning a boutique is like, the ultimate dream, what made you decide to embark on such an adventure??
L: Well before that I worked in IT!?!?
HB: If you could dress anyone head to toe in threadz from Capital L, who would it be and what would you make them wear?
L: Well we already dressed Beyonce! She bought a willow top and all our bling! And we dressed Andre 3000 too - AndySoma jumper and cap, Platform jacket and vest, Michael pleat front pants and Arabella alphabet belt. Hey Ya!
But if I could dress tinkerbell I’d make her wear some teensy teeny pleaselouise denim shorts and an azzollini English rose bikini top with a vintage mesh singlet and white sneakers. And lots of bling.

HB: What is your favourite outfit from when you were little?
L: I had a jumper with red lover hearts all over it which I wore with denim flares.
HB: What is one forgotten fashion fad you wish could make a comeback?
L: Red furry platform Chewbacca boots so I can get mine out of the garage!
HB: Hot/Not this season?
L: 90s / 80s (apparently!)

* You are going on your first ever date, what do you wear?

L: Hmm, the pleaselouise “backup!” dress (you can see on our myspace). backs are the new fronts…
* Your best friend turns up to a party in the exact same outfit as you even though she knew you’d been planning it for ages! What do you do?
L: How fun! Twins for the night!
* You get to school and realise you’re still in your pajamas! Do you run for cover, or stay and try and pull it off?
L: Gosh I used to dream about that! Yep I reckon pull the “bedazzler” out of the backpack (never leave home without one!) and a quick customisation job. Everyone will soon be doing it!
*Your crush has really bad fashion sense, what do you do to let him know his stylez are just not all that?
L:Don’t we all want out boys to be super dags????? I do!

You can find Capital L online at: