Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Productive Tuesday

A post from November 2007.

I usually work from Tuesday-Thursday and have a 4 day weekend to do craftz. Yesterday I had the day off work because I worked on Monday instead, and so worked on a few projects for upcoming market stalls, Etsy, and new designs. It was a really productive day!

I was browsing the dollar store by my house, Bargain Home (the best dollar sto’ in the ‘hood) and found some packets of super cute metallic children’s rings, probably for party bags or gifties. They had cute little shapes on them, like shells, doves, hearts, stars, and the like. I thought they’d be soooo cute to sell in little pairs (for some reason I have been obsessed with making things in sets lately). THEN I found these totally off the chain metallic heart-shaped plastic ring boxes, with matching metallic splatter paint detailing on them. I have always been soooo enamored with embellishing things, whether it be notebooks, outfits, my boyfriend, you name it! I rushed home and spent the afternoon decorating the boxes and choosing matching ring combos to go inside! I’m so pleased with how they turned out, they totally capture my desire to make my surroundings and all my possessions exactly like Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, minus the beheading aspect. Unforch the photo I took of the rings in the boxes was so blurry, so you’ll have to wait and see what they look like! I’ll be posting a couple in my Etsy shop in the next few days, and am saving the rest for market.

I love seashells! I have made some necklaces for myself lately that are huge, oversized, and horded with lashings of pom poms, large glow in the dark charms, huge gems, and massive pendants. I love oversized accessories. After my ring box mania I decided to try out a design I’ve been mulling over for awhile, and this shell necklace was born! The plastic shell is one half of a totes lewd ‘bikini’ I found in the costume section of Bargain Home. It’s about 6″ wide and 7″ long, so, it’s huge as a pendant. I absolutely love this necklace, and am thinking of trialling it at the markets I may be doing in December, to see if other people like it too. I really want to start making more things like this, but there’s always the worry of them being too unconventional for the average customer.

Yes, more seashells. I’m posting these in the shop today. I have until now only been making single ‘dangler’ earrings (my friend Roland thinks dangler is an unfortunate/lewd way to describe them) because I personally usually wear only one earring, as one of my earring holes always gets infected. I really love the concept of a single earring, but I don’t think many people share my view, maybe it’s the lewd ‘dangler’ aspect? Anyway, I’m branching out into pairs of earrings now, and since I’m obsessed with little sets of things right now, this has the potential to get really out of control (in a good way)!

Here’s a little somethin somethin I’ll be posting on Etsy today. A sneak peak if you will. It’s a new take on my Glamorous Seashell Purse, and I must say, it is way more successful in my eye, capturing my current urge to make everything seashell-themed, and reminding me of the gorgeous pastel illustrations found in the Snugglepot and Cuddlepie stories, when they’re adventuring under the sea (for those of you who don’t know the stories, they’re about these two cute Australian gum nut babies who go on adventures in the Australian bush, and also underwater…somehow). I am in the process of making more of these Fantasy Seashell Purses, to sell at the markets. The only downside of constructing them is that they’re really delicate, due to the organza overlay - organza being a fabric that really annoys me due to it’s tendency to shred horribly at every turn (if anyone has advice on how to sew more practically with it, please tell me!)