Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A soiree with All Of Our Lives

A post from September 2008.

My gorgeous friend Mitch has always been something special. With impeccable and outlandish fashions and an obsession with everything wonderful and bizarre, he is always one step ahead of the rest. When I discovered that he had started hand making bowties and ruffly wearables I knew it was going to be delightful, and Mitch certaintly didn’t disappoint! I am so excited and proud to introduce you to your new favourite accessories label, All Of Our Lives.

Hi Mitch! Please introduce us to your magnificent label!
ALL OF OUR LIVES is a Sydney based bow tie label that sprouted from a lifelong obsession with decorative accessories. We are super fancy and are made to make you look really nice.

Your first collection is amazing! I love the clean, stylish look of it, and how every piece is unique. Tell us a bit about how the collection came about, what were you looking at/listening to/doing that inspired you to create such snazzy pieces?
My inspiration for the first collection came mostly from my personal obsession with bow ties and ruffles. I’ve been collecting bow ties for as long as I can remember, mostly simple styles in varying colours, and I have never seen anything too flamboyant. I look to a lot of magazines for inspiration, some of the Japanese magazines are great for inspiration. There’s definitely an open door in the fashion industry when it comes to flamboyant neck wear.

You seem to have a penchant for unique fabrics and embellishments, what are your favourite materials to work with? Without giving away too many of your trade secrets, where has your materials collection come from?
I guess I’ve always liked nice feeling fabrics, rather than crusty fabrics. I love the metallic knit foil that I’ve used in this collection, it’s so soft and slinky despite being a metallic fabric. I’ve always loved crushed velvet, it reminds me of cinemas back in the sixties, so I’ve used velveteen fabric for a few of the bow ties. I source my fabrics from well renowned fabric specialists who supply fabrics to some of Australia’s top designers.

Describe your studio space - what does it look like and where is it located? What interesting objects and tid bits would we find lying about if we visited the home of All Of Our Lives?
My studio space is messy and unorganized, it’s always the way I’ve been when it comes to my personal space. It’s basically just a corner in my house with a sewing machine and fabrics everywhere, I like it though. Hmm, if you were to have a poke around my house, you would find a lot of pendants and charms, loose threads, a lot of quirky books, and oodles of painted porcelain animals.

Who is the perfect All Of Our Lives boy/girl? What kind of person is perfect for your wares? Who would be your ultimate dream customer?
That’s a tricky question, but I would have to say someone who likes to look nice all the time, but at the same time not too overdone. I like to think of a bow tie as “the finishing touch” to an amazing outfit.
A dream customer… I would really love to see someone beautiful all dressed up with one of my bow ties on, just casually perusing the isles in a supermarket. I think that’s lovely.

Your lookbook is totally rad! The photos definitely give your pieces the pizazz they deserve! They have a sort of haphazard, kooky quality about them that totally complements the accessories! Who did you work with to create the lookbook? Do you have any other collaborations planned for the future?
Thank you… Bowen Arico did the photography for the lookbook. He’s a great friend of mine, so we worked well together to create exactly what I had envisioned for the photos. Sydney based graphic designer Elvira Wilkinson has also done a lot of the design work for ALL OF OUR LIVES. I’m extremely happy with the way it’s all worked out.

You always look super smart - describe your personal style for those of us who dont know you and/or are blind. What are your favourite outfits/items of clothing, where are the best places in Sydney to pick up something truly special?
In a way my style is very avant-garde, however I’m very open minded when it comes to fashion. I have these amazing genie-like cotton pants, they have swirly red and green patterns all over, I feel a bit like a gypsy when I wear them. I also have a very femme houndstooth jacket that’s been getting a lot of wear lately.
I think Surry Hills is great for fashion. Stores like Dobry Den, Capital L and Somedays are all fabulous, yet still affordable. If you’re more into second hand goods though, Tempe Tip is the way to go, I always leave feeling satisfied, and their vinyl section is too good to be true.

Each piece you have made is precious, a must have in anyone’s collection of favourite things. Share with us a few of your favourite things?
I have so many favourite things! I have been collecting Polaroid Cameras for years, so I would have to say they’re all in amongst my favourite things. I bought a pair of patent black wingtip brogues from a second hand store in Fremantle for $2, they’re actually different sizes, one’s a little bigger than the other, but it’s hardly noticeable, and they’re amazing.

When will the collection be unleashed on the world and what are you hoping to work on next?
The collection will be released very soon, not sure on exact dates just yet, but i’ll keep everyone posted. Once this collection is unleashed, I’ll start working on the next collection right away. Hopefully everything will work out just dandy.

From top to bottom: The Fringeful Delight, The Disco Sister, Bold and Beautiful, and The Madeleine.

You can find more of Mitch’s creations at: