Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Surry Hills Markets

A post from March 2008.

On the weekend I had a stall at the Surry Hills Markets. I shared a table with my friend Jess.

It was exciting because I was debuting my new range of Heartbreaker accessories, which I’ve been working on for the last month. I was especially pleased with all the earrings I made, especially some cute non-matching lightning bolt/heart/pearl pairs inspired by the bratty teenage sister in an 80s film I recently saw. I also loved my hair bobbles, created from 80s plushie parts a friend gave me, and an assortment of pom poms and streamers, as well as the embellished photo image cuffs featuring Barbie, unicorns, and kittens.

I stayed up all night on Friday, making backing cards for everything. I haven’t really put that much effort into backing cards in the past, using only metallic cardboard in various shapes, but this time I really wanted to make them awesome! I watched Pretty in Pink and Mean Girls while I was making them, so they’re all teen movie coloured/styled!! Lots of pastel and 80s shapes.

Anyway, after driving round and round the city trying to pick up Jess at an ungodly hour of the morning we finally made it to the markets and set up our table. Jess was selling lots of super cute plushie toys, appliqued leather pencil cases, and zines. I wasn’t that happy with my display this time around, but I put it down to not being able to use as many props due to table space. I really need an awesome and cute display solution. I like using 80s toys as props, but my friend Dan said he would build me some display things with his sassy carpentry skillz, so I think I might try that.

Here are some more pictures of the table!