Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A tantalizing interview with Kelly of I'm Your Present

A post from November 2007.

I’m totes thrilled to begin sharing with you some truly scintillating interviews I have been doing with fellow designers, crafters, and creative hottiez! I’m proud to introduce the gorgeous and extremely talented Kelly, of the fashion label I’m Your Present. My BFF for over 7 years, and the creator of the most unique and covetable collection of garments and accesories in the land, it was utterly fascinating to get a glimpse of her wonderous world!


HB: Who are you?
K: Kelly Sloan ‘K-holez’ Eident
HB: What is your official title?
K: I’m your Present PRE$IDENT
HB:Where do you currently reside?
K: Rockin the suburbs of Connecticut (Note: for those of you who don’t know, this is in America, where the Baby Sitters Club is from)
HB: What is your favourite food?
K: Meats, leafy greens, Diet ¢oke 4evz, savory treats, vegetables… especially BEAT$
HB: Likes? Dislikes?
K: Likes- small kittens, crafts, bows, hearts, erotic photohunt. Dislikes- watching too much tv, when my dog is annoying.
HB: Do you have a Celebrity Crush?
K: I have a crush on every member from the band S.Y.L.K…. totes dreamy! (Note: I did not pay Kelly to say this, she truly loves us.) And the foxy bearded gentleman who plays drums in the band CATS… what a tall drink of water! RAWR!


HB: If you had to describe I’m Your Present to a blind and/or deaf person, what would you say?
K: I would gently take their hand in mind, and guide it over all the luxuriant and opulent textures, fibers and furrs that are my body. I mean clothes… my clothes.
HB:Who is the “I’m Your Present Girl”? Describe her to me. What is she like? Are there I’m Your Present Boys? I’m Your Present Grandpas?
K: She’s totes fab… she is the ‘It’ girl, always makin’ you sweat. Girls want to be her, and guys want to be with her. She’s a sassy lass, and she knows how to accessorize. Sadly, there aren’t very many I’m Your Present Boys… yet. I’m Your Present Grandpas are a little easier to come by. They’re basically the same as the I’m Your Present girl, except their wheelchairs have spinners and are upholstered in plaid fabric and fox fur.
HB: What is it like having an online shop? Do you sell anywhere else? Do you do infomercials?
K: It’s totes rad! I love being able to see who my customers are, and being able to talk to them. But it also can be very consuming and stressful. It’s a wild ride!!! There is a lot of work besides making things… listing all the items, taking & editing all the pictures, packaging everything, creating false personas to buy everything so it looks like I’m selling more. I sell in a couple other boutiques and the occasion craft fair. I haven’t done any informercials yet, though I get several offers daily.
HB: What does the crystal ball say is in store for I’m Your Present? Where will you take it next?
K: There aren’t any sex changes planned, if that’s what your asking. My plan is to just keep doing what I’m doing… it would be nice to someday maybe own a boutique, or at least have some migrant workers helping me with my line.


HB: Describe a day in the life of Kelly, CEO of I’m Your Present.
K: Great! I love these. Here it is, blow by blow: Everday I wake up anytime from 7:30am to the crack of noon. I put on my mandatory crafting outfit, which is a full body pink leotard and a refrigerator box that I upholstered into a present. After I spend several hours grooming myself (my movements are slow due to the confinement of my box) I am ready to get to work. Then it’s crafting and sewing until nightfall, when I roam the streets in search of food.
HB: What get’s you excited to make new stuff?
K: Pastel treats, frilly valentines, porcelain figurines, glitters, kittens, opulent jewels, dolls, sweet 16s, cakes, pastries. I love going to thrift stores, antique stores and the dolla sto’ and finding enticing items to embellish or revamp. And of course, seeing other peoples amazing work always gets me anxious to make my own! Whenever I am in a slump, I just look at all the exciting things people are creating and it gets me totally pumped. I scream, kick my dog in the face and then go on a serious sewing rampage.
HB: Do you have certain music or things you like to watch whilst working? If so, please list and sing a line from your favourite song
You know you wanna work it, put you heels on and work it! (Note: This is a line from the hit single “Work It” by S.Y.L.K, please be aware, we didn’t pay Kelly to say this either.)
HB: Favourite I’m Your Present products?
K: I love everything that is really frilly, pastel and girly and “over the top”. My favorite things for everyday wears are plaid babydoll dresses, high-waisted skirts, fannypacks, kilt pins and fabric badges.
HB: You are very glamorous. What are your style tips for this season?
Plaids, Pastels, Ruffles, Heartbreaker, Kittens. Gigantor Bows, Gingham, Dressing like a Present, Pantless Tuesdays, Homeless People.
HB: Any final words?
K: I leave it to you kit, to say something simple, yet profound, effortlessly witty and thought provoking that will cement im your present not only into fashion history, but will mark it as one of the turning points of this century. Okay??
HB: Okay.

You can buy Kelly’s warez at the I’m Your Present Etsy shop:

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