Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Weekend Fun!

A post from October 2007.

I haven’t done much updating to this blog or my Etsy shop for that matter, since I have been rather preoccupied lately with a horde of other crafty endeavours. After having invested so much time in these other things, I realised I had not left any space in my week for Heartbreaker, so am keen to get “back on the wagon” that what they say?
Suffice to say, despite no activity at HB HQ this weekend, the adventures I DID have were rather exciting!
Friday night consisted of my band S.Y.L.K performing at a club night called Bandits. (I consider band activity “craft” since it almost always involves the making of props, costumes, or dance moves). Most noteable was the inclusion in our performance of a giant paper mache ice cream that we spent weeks creating. (On a tragic note, this ice cream was later utterly destroyed by ravaging fans and stolen, but what can you do?!?)
On Saturday I went to Canberra to “move in” to a studio I have ownership of for 3 months. I won it as part of a studio residency in my last year of art school and only just now get to use it. Moving in consisted of me braving the security system and unlocking a door, discovering a cute kitten picture stuck to the window, and leaving! I’m excited to do work there, but commuting is a bother and there wasn’t much time to “get down and dirty” in there this weekend. However, being there made me excited about my project I’ve planned for it, which is to make an entire cake shop out of fabric!
Sunday was spent making a few tank tops (so you see I did do some HB stuff after all) and perusing fashion magazines for inspiration.
Monday was a delightful adventure of a day, including all-day perusing of dollar stores and a massive recycled goods warehouse where I bought many props and supplies for the launch of Kon Ding Night, a club night starting this Thursday and put on by my boyfriend Nic and good friend Elston (both also of S.Y.L.K fame). The launch party theme is “tiki”, which was extremely fun to shop for! I bought lots of green crepe paper, some beach balls, metallic leis, and meters of woodgrain book wrap!! I later turned these supplies into woodgrained tiki lanters, tiki hut fringe, and a massive tiki head for the entrance of the club. After spending the afternoon at the local pool lavishing in the summer heat, Elston and I embarked upon an amazing scavenger hunt of the back alleys and hidden parks around our suburb and arrived back at his house with armfuls of branches (to make a real cabana hut!), some vintage crockery (my fave was a cute nautical themed ash tray), and - the best of all - a bag of over 20 vintage clothing patterns! (Found in a delightful old trunk next to some grotty bedsheets).
All in all it was a fun-filled weekend. It reminded me that there are heaps of other fun crafty things I really enjoy, that shouldn’t be neglected due to Heartbreaker madness!