Monday, March 9, 2009

Senior Prom!

Last weekend we had a party for my housemate Rosie's birthday. The theme was Senior Prom. I was so proud of everyone for dressing up to the max. In the immortal words of Jem and the Holograms, the costumes were truly outrageous! Highlights of the night included my prom date buying me a real corsage, slow dancing to Kiss From A Rose and Hungry Eyes, prom photos on the Valentine seat made by the Senior Prom Decorating Committee (me and my friend Greg), and the crowning of Prom King and Queen (my date won King! I did not win). I couldn't help but post some photos of the amazing costumes for you to swoon over.

The Prom Queen/Birthday Girl looking lovely on our giant Valentine seat! She customised this vintage dress herself with pastel spray paint, bedazzles, and glitter glue!

Me and my Prom date Tony! I handmade my dress using fabric from a vintage mumu. I was totally inspired by Betsey Johnson's SS08 Prom collection. It has a fitted bodice, sweetheart neckline with ruffle, and huge pouffy skirt with and underlayer of black tulle.

Prom Nerds! I found a pair of amazing clear lense 80s glasses with the name Ronnie imprinted on them. Perfect! Tony is wearing a hat I made for him to match my outfit.

Greg and Lisa! I loved Lisa's costume, she was like the girl version of Duckie from Pretty in Pink, except minus the neurotics. We found Greg's costume after a visit to a huge warehouse full of shipping containers, one of which containing the entire contents of a costume shop that had gone out of business. I think he kind of looks like a Ken doll from Barbie and the Rockers, especially with the silver vest and peach cumberbun!

Yvette and Nicholas looked like something out of Grease 2. SO HOT! I am so in love with Nicholas' baby blue ruffle.

Yassin is SO Leader of the Pack. He looks like a badass Valentine.

Lu and Anna straight out of a Stacey Q film clip. Polkadots and eyeshadow up to your eyebrows are some of my favourite things ever!