Sunday, April 26, 2009

Andrew's Birthday

It was my housemate Andrew's birthday this weekend so Rosie and I decided to make him a cake. Naturally we turned to the most amazing cake book of all time for inspiration, the Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake book. This book was THE book of my childhood - my mum made so many of the cakes for my brother and I from it and we used to spend the whole weekend just poring over the pictures and planning future birthdays, two, three, and four years in advance!

We decided on a swimming pool cake, and adapted the recipe to include a jam roll pool deck and Kit Kats instead of chocolate fingers (could NOT find them anywhere). My favourite bit is the menacing man-eating jelly fish!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wishlist - Q-pot Disney

Last night my housemate Rosie and I decided that we are going to buy tickets to Japan!! I can't think of anyone I'd rather go to Japan with then the queen of kawaii herself, Erica-Rose. Just imagining all the things we could see and do there is making me SO excited. We really really really want to go to Disneyland!! It seemed fitting then that I post about the Disney collaboration with Japanese sweet treat geniouses Q-pot. As some of you may know, I LOVE Q-pot SO MUCH. In my opinion, a collaboration with Disney is just THE perfect thing for them to do!

Remember that Alice in Wonderland live action movie from the 70s? My favourite bit in it was when Alice ate the tiny 'Eat Me' cake. I used to sit in my playroom and re-enact that scene for HOURS with grape flavoured Hubba Bubba.

You can buy pieces from this collection in Sydney at Incu.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Feast


Last night my housemates and I hosted a delightful pastel feast for Easter. There were mountains of food, tiny glittery cupcakes, an Easter hat craft table, egg hunt, and a marshmallow bunny centerpiece. Pastel outfits were a MUST of course.

Crepe paper decorations.

Mallow bunny centerpiece and an assortment of origami bunnies handmade by Greg (who worked on them ALL day).

The Easter hat craft table! We channeled our inner 5 year olds and embellished hats with tulle, pom poms, googly eyes, fluffy chickens, ribbon, cellophane, sequins and more!

Rosie's magnificent ice cream sundae hat.

Pastel pretties.

Margaux wearing Greg's Japanese inspired Easter hat.

Tamara's giant squid-inspired hat, as modeled by our porcelain kitty.

Shunji wearing the hat I made for him and looking particularly 5-year-old.

Pastel Club in action.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Diamond Girl

Can't wait to wear some of my fav outfits with it. Pictures soon!