Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Horror Show

I just stumbled across Ann-Sofie Back's AW 09 collection which instantly conjured up images of horror movie sleepovers - staying up all night freaking out and spilling popcorn down the fronts of our pajamas, being traumatized for months afterwards by possessed dolls and prom queen zombies. Or high school Halloween parties where we were toilet paper mummies, macabre zombie brides, and white-faced, lace-draped ghouls. Sneaking into the cemetary at night and making grave rubbings with Crayolas and covering black tin lunchboxes with glitter, moons, and stars. Making voodoo dolls at lunchbreak and listening to the Misfits whilst sewing bone shapes onto black cutoff gloves. And the smudgy kohl eyeliner and black chewed up nailpolish. Always, always.

"Ann-Sofie Back Burns in Hell" screams of teen horror films and their characters - the slash and rip decor of that sullen, sinister classmate; the torn denim and patchwork pieced uniform of the serial killer next door; the tainted ballgown of a doomed prom queen. I especially love the zombie killer makeup and how the runway soundtrack was made up of horror movie theme songs.

Every day should be Halloween!