Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cotton Candy

When I was at art school I used to spend hours with my nose in books, scribbling the names of artists in my notebook and printing out images of their work for my studio walls. I used to get so excited when I found someone whose work I absolutely loved - it was so inspiring. After I graduated I gradually stopped going to exhibitions and looking through art books and it's something I really miss. In an attempt to re-familiarise myself with it all I have been trying to do more research. That is how I found the American artist Will Cotton. His work makes me drool. Literally.

There are delectable candy castles and gingerbread houses, sponge cake mountains and ice cream fountains, rivers of chocolate and forests of lollipops, galaxies of gobstoppers and licourice allsorts, and everything you could ever have a dessert dream about. Will Cotton also paints candy queens, lounging with strawberry-kissed skin on clouds of fairy floss or decked out in lolly jewels, with sugary sweets in their bouffant hair. His paintings have the most amazing names too, like "Custard Cascade", "Peppermint Hideaway" and "Sweet Nothings". What is even more amazing is that he actually makes real life versions of these sugary treats in his studio kitchen then uses them as models for his paintings. My life would be perfect if I got my sticky fingers on one of these amazing works. The thought of one hanging in my room is giving me a sugar high.