Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Makin' Stuff

Sweetie and I had a craft club tonight to make hair pieces to wear to our friend Nina's 21st birthday. We're road tripping it to Canberra for the party which is heart and bow themed. Best. Theme. Ever. Sweetie is obsessed with Ken Done so we found her some amazing Done print jersey to use. I am really into 3D accessories at the moment so I made a present.

I made these bows as design tests. I love them all and am going to keep them all to myself. But don't worry I'll make more for Etsy (which I will re-open soon I promise.)

More 3D amazingness. This was a hair piece I made for a Christmas in July party I DJed at recently.

More hand sewn mini cakes. Lots of accessory ideas for these...

Crop tops are my favourite. Especially floral ruffly ones. This one's going to be reproduced for sure! Keep your eyes peeled!

I didn't exactly 'make' this, but I got a new tattoo. Perfect mach to the present hair piece for Nina's hearts and bow theme. P.S. faux prom nights are the best nights out.